Meet Pete

Pete established ‘Inspired AG solutions’ and has over 30 years experience in farming, natural resource management, farmer advisory services, on-farm research and project management. As a result, he has an excellent understanding of the challenges and opportunities that farmers face and a genuine passion to help clients achieve their goals.

Since 2006, Pete has provided professional services to farmers and farmer groups, universities, farm advisors, corporates, AGVIC and government agencies. He has also managed multiple sustainable agriculture focused projects on behalf of farmer groups, philanthropists, government agencies, landcare networks and groups.

Pete has been sampling soils for carbon since 2011, and has taken thousands of samples on hundreds of farms all over Victoria.

Meet Josh

Josh is currently studying Ag Science at Charles Sturt University and assists with soil sampling, and monitoring some of the on-farm trials.

Josh has experience working in production horticulture and the dairy industry. He has also completed an internship with Foundations for Farming in Zimbabwe which was focused on training subsistence farmers in conservation agriculture.

Qualifications and Experience

We have qualifications and experience in; Agriculture, Natural Resource Management, Water Stewardship and Auditing Environmental Management Systems.

In addition, we have many years of practical experience in farm management plus over 15 years providing sustainable agriculture focused support to farmers. We have connections with agricultural scientists, universities, government agencies and rural service providers throughout Australia.

Helping others

Helping others is important to us. Many of the world’s poorest people are African subsistence farmers – living on what they can grow from year to year. Inspired AG solutions has travelled to Africa many times and supports two amazing organisations who have inspired us! Both Foundations for Farming and Beyond Subsistence provide hope to subsistence farmers in Africa through professional training, support, encouragement and follow up. Please check out their websites and be inspired!