Welcome to Inspired Ag Solutions

Inspired AG solutions is based in Gippsland, Victoria and offer a diverse range of independent and professional services and advice to farmers, extension providers, the rural industry and government.

We have over 30 years’ experience servicing the farming sector and offer integrity, innovation and independence in the services we provide.

Sustainable and Regenerative Agriculture

We believe that we are caretakers of the natural resources that we have been blessed with on this earth. Our work and advice are based upon good stewardship of soils, water, biodiversity and atmosphere, so that future generations can also benefit from and enjoy these natural resources. We believe that sustainable and regenerative agriculture is not just about caring for the land, but also about caring for the health and well-being of farmers and the community in which they live.

Services we provide

Farm Planning

Farm Plans are designed to assist with best management practice of your farms critical assets, including; soils and land classing, farm design and layout, water supply, pastures, grazing management, biodiversity, biosecurity and climate. Farm plans also outline your farm vision and goals.

We are experienced in assisting farmers with developing their farm plans and providing support and advice.

Farmer Support and Advice

We love working with farmers and want to see you prosper and enjoy your work. We are experienced in sustainable and regenerative farming methods and can provide support to farmers who are practicing, or interested in applying sustainable and regenerative farming methods on their farms.

Soil Carbon Sampling

We have been sampling for soil carbon since 2011 and have taken thousands of samples on hundreds of farms.

We have sampled for farmers, universities, corporates, government agencies, landcare groups, businesses, CMA’s, consultants and carbon aggregators. Increasing numbers of farmers are asking us to conduct baseline soil carbon sampling which can then be monitored over time. Some farmers are using their soil carbon results to assist them in their aims to become carbon ‘positive’. We can sample using methodologies suited to government approved programs, voluntary soil carbon programs, or to your requirements.

Soil Nutrient Sampling

Inspired AG Solutions is experienced in conducting standard soil tests for farmers. We can conduct the sampling and assist with the interpretation of your results if required. We use an accredited laboratory for analysis, and provide independent advice and nutrient recommendations for farmers which can be tailored to suit either conventional or organic preferences.

Research and On-farm Trials

Inspired AG Solutions has significant experience in establishing and monitoring on-farm trials focusing on sustainable farming methods for farmers, government and consultants. We have established and monitored trials on grazing, horticulture, agroforestry and viticulture farms.

Clients include farmers, Landcare groups, CMA’s and government agencies. If you have an idea you would like to test on your farm, then get in touch. We can discuss options for establishment, conduct regular ongoing monitoring with a range of technical equipment, and analyse and report on results.

Farm and Land Management Plans

We can create a farm plan and/or a land management plan which can be submitted to council for planning purpose. These comprehensive plans include; topography, soils, climate, infrastructure, pastures, crops, weeds, shade and shelter, threatened species, water, land use of adjoining properties, property design and development, livestock management, farm water supply, sustainability Indicators, recommendations and more. We can also take aerial imagery and are accredited operators with CASA.

Farm Mapping

Have you just purchased or leased a farm and need your paddocks and infrastructure mapped? We can map your farm using GIS software with all your paddocks, laneways and major infrastructure marked along with paddock sizes. You can print up your map for workers and contractors. In most cases we don’t even need to visit your farm!

Project Management

Peter has significant experience in delivering sustainable agriculture focused projects and facilitating farmer discussion groups for Landcare Networks, CMA’s, and Philanthropic organisations for over 15 years. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact us.